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Americans excel at collaboration.  Whatever the need, groups exist to address it. 

Parents interested in identifying and fighting drug abuse among their children are no exception—there are groups to join or partner with at the local, state and national levels to prevent and combat teen drug and alcohol use.  When you join forces with these groups, you not only obtain help for yourself, but you also become a source of help to others, and collectively you can accomplish things that none of you could do alone.  You can change norms and laws, change the course of someone’s life--and even change yourself and your family.

In this section you will learn more about the groups that exist to help families and communities deal with drug-related problems.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies image

The law is on your side in your quest to keep your family and community drug free and safe.

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Prevention Organizations

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As a community, we can all benefit from the work of drug prevention organizations and their efforts to keep our communities and families drug free.

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Drug-Free Coalitions

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Joining a community coalition is a great way to fight drug abuse and solve local drug and crime problems.

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