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Drug Court Offers Hope for the Future

Jan 22, 2013

The Columbia River Partnerships for Change, a nonprofit in Oregon, is seeing tremendous success with its three drug court programs: adult treatment, juvenile treatment, and families restored. While all three programs are voluntary and not court ordered, those enrolled are often working to avoid jail time or charges held against them.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug use in the U.S. is on the rise; nearly 9% of Americans have used an illegal drug or abused a prescription drug in the past month. The success of the programs has been linked to their length–18 months – and the resources provided by the organization. Participants are required to attend sessions, group meetings, parenting classes, nutrition classes, and more several days a week. Random drug tests and weekly meetings with a judge keep participants on track. Classes get people back into the routine of a sober, productive life by helping them get jobs, an education, or simply live a drug-free life.

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