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Mesa High Drug Incident Reinforces Ongoing Spice, Bath Salts Problem

Oct 30, 2012

Community members and legislators in Arizona are trying to fight a growing drug problem: synthetic drugs, such as Spice and Bath Salts. Kids across the state are using these synthetic drugs increasingly, as they are easy to obtain from convenience stores and can be legal. Using these substances can result in hospitalization, long-term psychiatric problems, and even death.

Manufacturers are making it difficult for legislators to outlaw; as soon as the chemical compound is made illegal, chemists alter the substance to make it legal again. In a recent legislative session, State Sen. Linda Gray proposed a bill thatwould allow the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy to add chemicals to its controlled-substances list without legislative approval to ban new versions of bath salts or spice. Board members would be required to consult with a Department of Public Safety forensic scientist to ensure all criteria were met before a substances was banned. Sen. Gray’s bill was not passed but may be introduced again in January.

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