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Mobile Meth Lab Found on Murfreesboro, Tennessee Elementary School Playground

Oct 25, 2012

During recess, a Mitchell-Neilson Primary School teacher found remnants of a mobile meth lab on the playground, including a bag with a plastic bottle and tube. The school officer, a member of the local meth task force, recognized the paraphernalia as part of a “shake and bake meth lab.”

While all the students were safe and no drugs were found, officials were alarmed that someone would bring a meth lab to school grounds or to a playground. The maintenance staff uses rock salt on the playground to tame weeds, and rock salt is an ingredient used to make meth. This points to the likelihood that the producer was using the salt from the playground to make meth. Meth increases dopamine levels to create a euphoric feeling but can lead to dangerous sideeffects, including irregular heartbeat, hyperthermia, and increased blood pressure.

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