What Should I Say?

Did you know that kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 50 percent less likely to use drugs?

Surveys of teens prove that our children are listening and that what we as parents say matters to them.

Having trouble talking to your kids about drugs?  While it may seem difficult or be somewhat awkward, it’s important that you have the conversation with them and keep the lines of communication open. 

Resources exist to help you get started. What follows is information and advice from experts from the Partnership for a Drug Free America about doing just that.

Getting Started Talking to Your Kids About Drugs
  • Information and advice for the hard part: broaching the subject of drug use with your kids.
No Loving Relationship Can Exist Without Communication
  • Tips to help you better communicate and make your teen more at ease about discussing drugs and other sensitive issues with you.
Introducing Drug Topics Into the Conversation
  • Hear something you don't like? Suspect your teen is already using drugs? Discover how not to react in a way that cuts off further discussion.
Talk About the Risks of Drugs
  • Why steering the subject to drugs helps children when faced with making difficult choices.
Answer the Question, "Did You Ever Use Drugs?"
  • Did you know this isn't about your past? Find good examples of tone and wording you can use with your teen.
Help Your Kids Turn Down Drugs
  • You can help your child reject offers to try substances with these role playing scenarios.