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????Mourinho came to Spain, offend most is the referee. The campaign, the Spanish Football Federation temporarily replaced the referee, solemnly declare before the Real Madrid club which is the Mourinho and Real Madrid have a bias. When asked after the game the referee Tuliensuo Alvarez field of law enforcement, Mourinho replied, "I did not find that he has an obvious error, but after the end watched the video, several the key ball handling inside the penalty area but also irregularities, especially Marcelo had scored one goal was blown offside, I have the right to maintain their own views. " Van Persie Jersey Man Uboard members before the dinner the two clubs, Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano said he and Mourinho is no contradiction, he believed that the Portuguese would be a four-year contract period for the club to bring more honor. Spanish media that this is Valdano official, in fact, two conflicts in the transfer to the extent of the problem has been irreconcilable. Mourinho in Spain, plus six months offended many people, football, referees and opponents coaches are counted, so that "Mad Men" will not stay too long at the Bernabeu.

??24 La Liga, Real Madrid home clash with Levante goalkeeper Iker Casillas because of a red card suspension. Barcelona against Bilbao, Carles Puyol continues to recuperate. Real Madrid Real Madrid VS Levante stop ?????? (goalkeeper) injury Higuain (Striker) Levante suspended Venta (back) injury Sergio (guard) Barcelona VS Athletic Bilbao Barcelona 6 injury ... the same news - Baidu Snapshot Christian Eriksen Ajax Jerseylast two knockout round tonight conducted from two games against the watch is quite similar, but Yi Cai engine by parametric analysis can be found in Madrid but this has the value of investments and more. The game is a focus of discussion is the "curse", has never been better than Lyon, Real Madrid clash of history, which has been reflected in the history of confrontation parameter. In several other important parameters, Real Madrid is one-sided advantage, the same news ... 2 - Baidu Snapshot Ferdinand Jersey"in the past a lot of Premier League teams are interested in Raul, Real Madrid, but only Chelsea officially to buy him." Carvajal continued, "was Ranieri wants to get Raul and Claude Makelele, contact Chelsea and Marc Lailai middlemen also contacted me and Real Madrid. Raul Chelsea is out of the one hundred million euros offer, but Raul did not accept the invitation because he did not want to leave Real Madrid, like Giggs can not leave Like Manchester United, I think Real Madrid also understand that Raul is the team captain. "

??FIFA ranking China promulgated in July fell a Brazilian team returned to the top (317:14) Ferdinand Jerseynarrow the gap between the first, that the real social and national public officials have the moral gap between the overall level of the statutory pay systems implied in the moral requirements, there are two methods available, one is the original foundation and conditions Next, is committed to improving the country's public servants and some real moral level, the other is a lower salary system implied moral requirement, that the relative increase salary packages of real moral status of proper and rational response to concessions. If you take into account the legitimate purpose of the factors and factors, you should try to improve the country's public servants and some real ethical standards on the basis of an appropriate increase in salary, that is to select an optimal point on the coordinates of the two methods to obtain a minimum of Consideration (concessions) to achieve maximum effect Honesty purpose. The second narrow gap, ie the gap between the actual needs of public servants and their salary income between the statutory method can only be used to improve the salary packages. Because the "real needs" is an objective reality, can not change the facts. However, when using this method, you must first understand where the so-called "real needs" of the reasonable needs of constituents. Otherwise, a person's actual needs may be no limit. The key here is to first determine a relatively reasonable in a particular community living standard, which can be specific, such as a standard diet, standard clothing, children's education standards, vehicle standards, standards in many areas, such as interpersonal and so on. It should be noted, in the pursuit of a tendency to "greed" as reflected on extrajudicial self-interest, but also a kind of national public officials ??? reasonable demand for foreign interest law information. That is the existing statutory salary amount is too low to compensate for the work of public servants pay and fully satisfy their reasonable actual demand. This information is probably also the social enable the "high salary" according to one of the important measures. "High salary" may also be based on this understanding of social reality taken appropriate concessions and active follow. Of course, in a different society, whether a reasonable state officials identified the actual demand and salary income, can be based on different criteria and parameters, but there will always be some objective, be accepted by the community and the standards and parameters acceptable. Christian Eriksen Ajax JerseyLa Liga 24 injury: Casillas suspended Carles Puyol continue injury Netease 2011-2-19 03:25

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