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???? C Lo injury or Real Madrid "confusion technique" Benzema efficient to destroy the old master Sohu 2011-3-16 11:50 Real Madrid Blue Jerseyhometown celebration Brazil Ronaldo Airport terminology farewell to the fans (216:18)

??Real Madrid and Barcelona five points behind the leader, in the eyes of the Polish goalkeeper is not unbridgeable chasm, he believes, "It is too early to conclude that we have the ability to narrow the gap until the lead. teams there is still much room for improvement We will fight to the last minute. " Falcao Jersey ColombiaReal Madrid only loss was in the first 21 La Liga 2006-07 season, when Levante striker Salva scored a penalty to rely 1-0 win, but the match was Real Madrid at the Bernabeu to participate in the 1000 games League. Villarreal VS Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini has coached incumbent Villarreal five seasons ,05-06 season led the team reached the Champions League semi-finals, ... 4 the same news - Baidu Snapshot Paris ST Germain Jersey

??abuse for Atletico fans, Mourinho would not easily forgive. After C Lo break the deadlock, the madman immediately turned toward the extreme Atletico fans stay south stands, and showed the right index finger. Mourinho is clearly in this way to remind fans of Atletico, now a 2-0 lead, and his team Real Madrid. Of course, Mike Mussina's move makes the "Portuguese bitch" in condemning was deafening. Paris ST Germain Jersey Falcao Jersey Colombia"Aspen" said Ronaldo's first goal of the customer is frustrated at Real Madrid's Kaka, Kaka, his future is expected to become a broker. Ronaldo a sports brand companies who have launched his personal and exclusive brands R9, now large Luo to start my own company, the thought of the 9th is also the gold standard, the new company will be named "the 9th Sports Culture." ...

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